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4/8/2013 Mega Promotions Tour
4/8/2013 MTX Event Production
4/8/2013 Toughest Monster Trucks
4/8/2013 RC MTRA
4/8/2013 Monster Nation
4/8/2013 After Shock & Krazy Trai..
3/14/2011 Freedom Force
3/14/2011 AirDog
3/14/2011 Barbarian
3/5/2011 Martial Law
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Two years to the day after Monster Mania was launched, and after over a year of development, MonsterTrucks.net was unleashed to the general public. While Monster Mania was very successful in providing fans with the best Monster Truck content including pictures, reviews, downloads and more, it was still difficult to find Monster Truck web sites. In the past four years, we've gone from having less than 5 Monster Truck web sites to having over 100 and it's very difficult for the average Monster Truck fan to keep up with what's new on all of these sites. The need to be able to quickly and easily find Monster Truck sites, live event information, and tv show information prompted the development and creation of MonsterTrucks.net.

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